Do You Have a Book Inside You?

Maybe you have a book inside you but you don't know where to start? Or perhaps you already have a book out there but don't know how to engage with your audience of readers.

Are You a Mentor or Coach?

Are you finding that mentoring or coaching live and one-on-one is difficult to scale? It can be, but it doesn't have to be!

Do You Want to be a Mentor or a Coach?

Is your dream to coach or mentor others... but you don't know where to start? Or maybe you have started but need a plan?

Ready to Build Streams of Income?

Are you ready to learn how to build streams of income from your expertise or passion? It can be easier than you think!

THANK YOU again for everything! You guys have helped Me so much!!!! We have started a group of over 800 members and growing, I have learned a ton from teaching with Jenni and I can't say thank you enough!!! Have a great rest of the week and God bless!!

Stephen Hibbert



Learn how to connect with your audience through a simple and creative blueprint.


It's the secret sauce and the foundation to implementing the Master Plan of Influence (MPI)  blueprint! Serving an audience well will reveal all sorts of gems as you look to engage and grow.


In today's world, there is nothing like getting good engagement with those you are trying to reach. Engagement is a natural growth point with the MPI blueprint.


Growth is a natural bi-product of serving well. The MPI blueprint opens the flood gates for growth built on the foundation of serving and engaging your audience.

Speaking as someone who has worked with Jenni and is in Build Your Streams of Income group, I can very comfortably encourage ANYONE who finds this interesting to check it out. Jenni Hunt and Ryan Reger are true servants with a ton of knowledge and experience. I can't recommend this highly enough.



Jenni Hunt, through MPI, has been a great help to me in building my business. I was stuck doing something I hated (selling on Amazon) and struggling to find a way into something else.

Over a year ago, she encouraged me, along with Ryan Reger, to focus on my travel experiences, but I didn’t think I had anything to offer. My own mental blocks caused me to put it on the back burner, but my heart kept going back to travel. MPI has helped give me a framework within which to focus on what I need to do and how to classify the work I’ve done.


Now I have a much clearer path to deliver outstanding content to my audience. The personalized and rapid responses to any questions in the group has made it a valuable resource for when I get stuck. Now I am finally making progress on being a successful travel blogger and course creator.


Susan Whitehead



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