Are you stuck?


You know you can monetize what you know and what you are interested in...


But where do you start?


It seems like every day we are talking with people are ready to jump into building and growing a business around what they know or have skills in - but it keeps getting put to the back burner.


It's time!


We have created a 2 week CHALLENGE program designed to


and get you ready for your first paid offer!


During our 2 weeks together we will share our process for finding your people and knowing exactly how to serve them with the perfect paid offer.

We start April 19th and here is what you can expect:

  • More than 10 Bite-sized Training Videos

  • Simple "Take Action" Tasks to Move you Forward Each Day

  • Live Check-In Calls

  • Niche Ideas, Lead Magnet Templates and more!

  • Limited to 25 People

It's TIME for your breakthrough!


At the end of our time together, you will know who your people are and be ready with your first paid offer to create a win-win!


Whether it's a course, a coaching program, workshop series... whatever it is, we will take all of the guesswork away and show you how to know exactly what your people need and want. In fact, they are likely asking for it!


My name is Jenni Hunt - and if you know me - you KNOW I am all about TAKING ACTION. I'm teaming up with my friend Ryan Reger to bring to you our PROVEN METHOD to build multiple income streams around what you know, are interested in or are experienced with.


We will share with you the plan we use in our own businesses to build and grow income streams that serve an audience well and we will show you how to launch this plan for your own strategy.


This isn't a course.
This is your action plan.


We can't wait to get started!



If you are wanting or needing a breakthrough in creating multiple income streams in your business... this Breakthrough Challenge is for you! We have created this for every person who is stuck and is ready to get moving!


We are thrilled to bring you the 2 week Breakthrough Challenge and help you get ready for your first paid offer!

Limited to 25 people!


Just $67

Are you up for the CHALLENGE?

We start Monday, April 19th!



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