What is your dream?

Think about it.
What gets you excited... like down to your core excited?


18 years ago I started selling online. I was hooked after making over $100 selling a stroller on eBay - but, selling physical products online wasn't what really got me excited. I learned how to use eBay and Amazon as a tool that opened doors to find my excitement in my business... and that is when it exploded.


I can help you do the same.


I believe entrepreneurs can change the world and desire to walk along side and train leaders to make this kind of impact.


Over the years, I have partnered with many leaders in the industry such as Jim Cockrum, Skip McGrath, Ryan Reger, Jason Miles and many more, to create innovative training and resources for online sellers.


I am a stay at home mom who decided to leave my high tech marketing position when my first child was born in 1999. The stunning Pacific Northwest is my home with my husband of over 29 years. We home-school our children and in my free time I blog about my adventure with Jesus, visit the beach and maybe gets a horseback ride or hike in.

I don’t even know where to begin talking about the blessing that Jenni has been to my business, but also to me personally.

Since working with her my business has exploded.  Because of our partnership, my book "Private Label the Easy Way" has become a full-on group mentoring program and has impacted more people than I could have ever imagined.

Do you have an idea?  Bring it to her and your idea will suddenly get bigger and have more potential.  She’s the best “brainstormer” I’ve ever worked with.
Thank you, Jenni, for the blessing you have been to me and my family.  It’s a privilege working with you and I’m excited to see what the future holds.


THANK YOU again for everything! You guys have helped Me so much!!!! We have started a group of over 800 members and growing, I have learned a ton from teaching with Jenni and I can't say thank you enough!!! Have a great rest of the week and God bless!!


Jenni Hunt
Teaching & coaching creative business building strategies through digital content and community building

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"Purchased your guide last year and made a nice profit. Thanks, ~ Marie"

The list seems AWESOME thanks for a great product! I was so thrilled with the info - when I was telling others in [my] group about where they can purchase it - I said I know I probably sound like I am marketing it for her - but I'm not - just a GREAT resource of information for the price. ~Christi

...the ebook on the hot toys right now was very helpful, things I NEVER would have thought were popular!!
~ Casandra

"I will definitely sell toys for Christmas! This was my first year selling toys and I bought the "Holiday Toy Guide" ebook you recommended and made more money per item than I ever could dream about making with an article of clothing!"
~ Marie

Thanks so much, I've really enjoyed reading the guide. Great ideas and hints!!

~ Michelle

Have enjoyed your emails and look forward to reading this book.  You have quite a talent for writing and presenting ideas in an interesting and informative way.
Thanks so much


~ Rebecca

Since getting your information, I've made about $xxx from what you've taught me - $xxx on one item alone. It's good stuff. As inexpensive as your service is, I recommend you to anyone without hesitation.



There are impromptu training in the group when someone sees a good private label opportunity. Jenni and Ryan jump on and dig deeper. It's really fun.

- Janna

Jenni and Ryan are true leaders and take the time to make each of the webinars fun, interactive, educational and take the time to answer all the questions everyone has posted. I believe they love what they do and it shows!

- Michael

Great webinar on PLR Jenni and Ryan!!! One of the best I've heard. Way to go!

- Nate


You are an INCREDIBLE Teacher and someone I have come to respect immensely. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of US.

- Brent

A thoroughly entertaining evening on the first UK focused Rabbit Trail call. I'm calling Ryan Reger 'crazy fingers' from now on - there was no stopping him and so many opportunities found and so many everyday items that passed the test. If I learned one thing it's that I'm over-thinking this.
Thank you Jenni Rosing Hunt, Ryan Reger and Steve Tranterrk and hear your thoughts and process.

- Jerry

Thank you, Ryan and Jenni! I don’t know how you managed to make the process of private labeling any easier, but you’ve done it again! PLIAB is the most comprehensive ‘turn-key’ PL toolkit out there. I checked out the monthly list of 50 pre-vetted products and within minutes I found one that made sense for my business. I searched for and identified a supplier with minimal effort and I was able to download one of the ready-made logos in about 5 minutes. Within the hour I had a message out to the supplier for pricing and artwork packaging information. This shaved off weeks of research (and quadruple checking) that I would have had to do on my own! Everything in this ‘box’ is about making the private label process as easy as possible by taking out the guesswork that paralyzes most of us. Common anxieties are minimized with the groundwork they’ve laid out. This is truly white glove service. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. I’m sold!

- Christi


The most valuable thing I learned from taking Ryan and Jenni's course is that private label can be easy. Ryan and Jenni lead students through the entire process of launching a product. They teach students how to find and source products, how to talk to potential vendors, and how to prepare and launch a product. Lessons are delivered via email and scheduled live webinars. What's more, Ryan and Jenni are very accessible: there is a mentoring group on Facebook where one can pose questions, or ask for clarification on any topic related to the course. I can't recommend this course highly enough. It is well worth the investment!

- Emily

I was so lucky to have started my Private Label Journey with Ryan and Jenni and the process they have created… First, I am happy to say that 100% of my Products on Amazon are Private Label! I broke my habit on reselling big Brands using retail arbitrage. Today I sell my Brand, advertise my Brand, and make way more money with my Brands, on Amazon. Now, I race to the top and I no longer race to the bottom! Why Does the process work? ONE: Don’t lose money by importing $2k to $10K of products to Amazon, without even knowing if you can compete with the Big Boys and Big Brands. TWO: Buy from friendly USA suppliers, that don’t mind you Private Labeling their products. THREE: Start with small orders to test the market and let the products prove they are worthy of your time and investment. FOUR: Rinse and Repeat and order as much or as little of the product you need to meet your demand. This is a simple process for those whom have been taught and understand the material created by both Ryan and Jenni. Of course, there is much to learn, but Ryan and Jenni provided all the necessary resources and training to win on Amazon. I highly recommend this course, and I highly recommend Ryan and Jenni and their team!

- Michael

The Private Label Mentoring course has been/is an invaluable help to my business. The lessons from the modules are easy to understand and apply. Gleaning from Ryan's knowledge and experience benefits my strategy for sourcing and listing. The group discussion via webinars and Facebook is a huge encouragement for how doable Private Labeling is. The information and resources from the program provide an immense and endless pool from which to draw. I am very pleased with the results we are experiencing. Thank you Ryan and Jenni!

- Ron


I wanted to just say another big thank you, Ryan and Jenni! Today (so far) I've sold 39 of one of my PL products. Two days AFTER Christmas. Since we launched this item we have been selling them consistently every day. Thank you for giving me the knowledge, tools and confidence to take this step. Along with everything else I'm learning, I am anticipating 2018 being the year that my husband can come work with me full-time. I can't even tell you how much that possibility means to me. Thank you both so very much.

- Christie

Good evening all! I've just been on the first UK-focused Rabbit Trail call and it was absolutely fantastic  The strategy was explained and demonstrated well, it was fun and engaging and we were shown just how much opportunity there is here in the UK for PL right now.
If you get a chance to sign up for the next one I can highly recommend it (but be quick as I suspect most of us will sign up again!).
Many thanks Ryan Reger, Jenni Rosing Hunt and Steve Tranter

- Alex

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