Wait? What is KDP?

KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. Most people think of eBooks when they hear KDP... but oh, it is SO MUCH MORE! KDP also prints high quality paperback books on demand. In other words - zero (zip! nada! none!) out of pocket fees to get your books listed and selling on Amazon!

I'm Jenni Hunt - and I've been helping entrepreneurs for over 16 years!

I first started sharing about the opportunities that KDP (previously CreateSpace) provides back in 2016. There are so many ways to use KDP to grow multiple revenue streams... Look at what some of our students have to say:

Sold my first journal uploaded from the class. Yay!
- Debbie

I've got my first 5 books up, today I got my first proof copy in the mail and I sold my first book. Thank you Jenni and Halle.
- Mark

OMG, I got 3 of my proofs today, they look awesome, I can’t explain how excited I am. Thank you so much, Jenni and Halle and everyone else who took the time to answer my questions!

- Barbara

Thanks, Jenni and Halle! This course was exactly what I needed to get started in print-on-demand books! The format is effective and the price for the course is so worth it!

- Judy

Thank you for the great training. I am still behind, but will get there. Thank you for the extra bonuses they will be greatly appreciated.

- Joan

Thanks so much Jenni and Halle - I'm so grateful for your guidance and direction. I have learnt so much and managed to get everything done.

- Sue

Great course, I need to keep creating!

- Nancy

Thank you for the training and continued support! I have 16 journals live and I am now working on getting the next 16 up. A big thanks again!

- Ly

Thank you, Jenni and Halle! So much bang for the buck, wonderful examples, instructional videos, templates...I could go on and on. Loved this class!

- Tena

Thanks for a fab course at a fab price! I am going to show my 2 kids how to do this in the summer so they can earn some pocket money!

- Lisa

Thank you, the course was AWESOME

- Joe

Thank you for the training! 12 journals live on Amazon :)

- Ina

Thank you for the great training

- Mike

Thank you so much Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle Grace. I loved the energy you two have and of course the training was awesome as well. God bless you and your family

- Earma

Thank you to both of you for an awesome training!

- Cindy

Halle and Jenni...thanks so much for an awesome 10 days. I'm so jazzed to keep working on more books and finding new ways to use this knowledge. Great job!

- Donnita

Thanks Halle and Jenni. I am officially hooked on KDP and just finished journal #22 (I can’t stop, help). Can’t wait to make some bundles now and try to find some businesses to work with. Super fun and informative course. Thanks! 

- Erin

I have really enjoyed the class and I'm enjoying making the books. Love having a new skill.

- Jennifer

Great course! got one in review and working on others -feeling good! Thank you so much! 

- Fern

I finally got one book out!!!! Yesss:) Considering a joined late and had follow through a highly irregular schedule! I am happy:) Thank you Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle. Good course!

- Keisha

WOW - that was a powerful training. Thank you so much. I know I'll end up reviewing some of this in the next few days. SUPER JOB!!!

- Judy

Thank you for such an informative class that pushed us all to action. This has been an amazing learning experience. My sons and I have really enjoyed and have learned so much. Thank you both.

- Tammy

Thank you Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle Grace for your exceptional course instruction! 

- Susan

Thank you for this wonderful course, Jenni and Halle! My daughter and I learned so much! You both are great! Thanks again!!!

- Andrea

Thanks so much Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle Grace! This has been an awesome experience.

- Kay

Loved the 10 books in 10 days class! What great teachers and moved us to action! Highly recommend it when it is offered again!

- Cindy

Great course for beginners. Halle is BRILLIANT with her creativity. And of course Jenni is awesome too

- Carolyn

I just finished the 10 Books in 10 Days with Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle Grace and I got to tell you that it was great new content to me and helped me develop a new skill that I thought would never be possible or saw myself publishing a book. I loved it and had a lot of fun doing the work. I currently have 6 out 10 books live in Amazon and adjusting the other 4 to have all 10 live. Now I have the skills to play around with this and develop several streams of income for my business and the best part is that I could teach this to my family because is that simple. Thanks Jim Cockrum and the Silent Team for the recommendation of this class.

- Edwin

It is a wonderful course. I haven’t completed 10 yet, but I have sold 2 of one of my books. What a feeling, that we can create and some one will buy.

- Susie

KDP was a game changer for me. I highly recommend taking this 10 books in 10 days. Jenni and Halle give you all the tools you will need to have books up on Amazon before you know it!! I took this course last September and now I’m leveraging my business beyond my wildest dreams

- Tammie

A big shout out to Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle Grace for an awesome class. I just completed the “10 Books in 10 Days” course and it was the best investment I have made to adding an additional stream of income. I completed my 10 books and submitted to Amazon for final review. The sky is the limit! Thank you Jenni and Halle for a very valuable and enjoyable class!

- Judy

Hey all, I just finished up the 10 Books in 10 Days course with Jenni and Halle Hunt. I have now published 10 low content, no content books to get my feet wet in this additional stream of income with so many possibilities to grow it. Jenni said she will be coming upon a new class in May so BOLO for it. I highly recommend it, Jenni & Halle are such great teachers and support base. Thanks ladies and thank you Jim for giving them this platform.

- Felicia

I have sold a total of 42 books since I joined 10 Books in 10 Days program. Just had to share the good news.

- Theresa

My opinion is the 10 books in 10 days course Jenni runs with her daughter halle, gave me all the tools to publish at will!

- Andrew

My 15 year old published a journal and I'd forgotten to check her stats until about a week ago. I owed her $47! :-)

- Susan

Jenni, I wanted to say thank you. I looked at the KDP reports for the first time since the 10 books in 10 days class you did. I was pleasantly surprised to find out we had sold our first two copies of one of the journals I published for the class. The cool thing was they sold in two other countries. Thank you for encouraging us to trust the process and take action. I appreciate the way you serve the community around you and how you've been intentional about building into the people around you. So again, thank you.

- Jared

In shock right now---I just got a (very tiny) KDP check and went to look at my account and saw that in the last month I've sold 7 of the journals I made during the "10 books..." class!!

- Stacey

Sold my first journal today! Created it during the 10 Books in 10 Days course and designed the cover in Canva with the goal of using it in one of my Amazon bundles.

- Michelle

I would like to give a testimonial for Jenni and Halle. The pair were entirely dedicated to the success of the members of our 10 Books in 10 Days group. I had many questions throughout the publishing process that were answered almost instantly by Jennie regardless of the time of day and she is a very busy lady!
The course was laid out very concisely and highly organized so that we could anticipate what was going to be covered and when. Halle was a breath of fresh air and a highly intelligent mature young lady. Their interactions during the live presentations were harmonious and I recognized right away that Halle had been homeschooled as I homeschooled my son, who became an excellent teacher just as Halle is. This method of education creates brilliant capable individuals... I recommend the 10 Books in 10 Days training program to anyone who would like to create a passive income stream. Jenni and Halle were fantastic and so very helpful.

- Missy

Thank, Jenni and Halle! This course was exactly what I needed to get started in print-on-demand books! The format is effective and the price for the course is so worth it!

- Judy

Thank you Jenni and Halle! I only published two books so far, but I did order a proof copy and I LOVE my book. I am now on fire to make more now that I know what they look and feel like. THIS REALLY IS A FUN CONCEPT.

- Susie

Thank You Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle Grace I appreciate the time and attention to detail that you gave this course!!

- John

Thank You Jenni Rosing Hunt and Halle Grace I appreciate the time and attention to detail that you gave this course!!

- John

I have 5 books up. One of them is live. I get the proofs on Saturday. Can't wait. Got another one almost done. My first kid's book! This course has been great for getting me over the hump and on the way. Thanks Jenni and Halle.

- Pat

I know , the course is just amazing. I don’t know what money I’ll make but I’m just loving doing this kdp !

- Shamine

Yeah! My journal made it to the 1st landing page!!!! Thanks Jenni and Halle!

- Barbara

Finally have 10 books up, and uploading an additional 13 tonight before I go to sleep. Thanks Jenni and Halle for a great course, and for pushing us to take action and get it done!

- Michelle

Sold my first journal uploaded from the class . Yay

- Debbie

Thanks again Jenni & Halle. Goal for 2019 is 2500 books on KDP. Currently creating 50/week with VAs. Partnered with an artist and using her original paintings as book covers; giving her illustrator credit on each book. Never thought I'd be involved with publishing books. Have been approached by 3 authors who have manuscripts for their books ready for proofing. Looking forward to see where all this goes!

- Tim

I just finished my first 2 journals. I couldn't be happier! This course was awesome. The units section was great to keep me doing things in proper order, and the material was laid out in an easy to understand way... Thank you so much for your encouragement and motivation.

- Laurie


Think about it. What gets you excited... like down to your core excited?


In 2002 I started selling online. I was hooked after making over $100 selling a stroller on eBay - but, selling physical products online wasn't what really got me excited. However, I learned how to use eBay and Amazon as a tool that opened doors to find my excitement in my business... and that is when it exploded.


I can help you do the same.


I believe entrepreneurs can change the world and desire to walk along side and train leaders to make this kind of impact. Over the years I have partnered with many leaders in the industry such as Jim Cockrum, Skip McGrath and Ryan Reger to create innovative training and resources for online sellers.


I am a stay at home mom who decided to leave my high tech marketing position when my first child was born in 1999. The stunning Pacific Northwest is my home with my husband of over 25 years. We home school our children and in my free time I blog about my adventure with Jesus, visit the beach and maybe get a horseback ride or hike in.


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