It's time to find your people.

Everything you need to find your people and grow an audience around your passion, interest or knowledge.


Find your people, Serve them well, and Grow your audience.


There is nothing that impacts the growth of your audience more than serving well. Learn our simple formula to find your RIGHT people and apply strategies to LISTEN & SERVE well to GROW YOUR AUDIENCE and learn your next step.

Not sure where to start?

If you are wondering where and how to start discovering your people and building an audience - then listen up!


Ryan & Jenni will walk you through their proven system and simple formula one day at a time!


For $5 get a copy of Ryan's book: Multiple Streams of Income, a copy of Jenni's book: Sweet Spot Revenue PLUS 5 Days of Solid Training to Find Your People and Grow Your Audience!


Find Your People & Grow Your Audience

Learn everything you need to know to find YOUR people and grow YOUR audience.

Here is What You Can Expect:


  • Live Training

    During our 5 days together, we will be with you with live training and motivation. Ryan and Jenni will fill you in on exactly what to expect during the kick off webinar on Day 1 and be with you every step of the way.

  • Instructional Videos

    We are passionate about helping you succeed! Sometimes pre-recorded instructional videos provide the best learning environment. Every day you'll have the training you need!

  • Homework

    It's all about taking action! You can learn the best strategies in the world... but if you don't take action, it will mean nothing. We have homework every day to keep you moving forward - easy tasks that will move you to success!


Our 5 Days Together:

  • Monday: Who Are Your People?
  • Tuesday: Discovering Your Niche
  • Wednesday: Serve. Engage. Grow.
  • Thursday: How to Engage: Build Momentum Day
  • Friday: Discovering Trends for Growth
  • BONUS: What's Next?


All training is provided on the ZOOM platform at 1:30pm PT/ 3:30pm CT/ 4:30pm ET every day for the 5 day class. All training will be available for replay.


If you know us, you know that we are all about taking action. Taking action is exactly what this class is all about.



In just 5 Days You Will Have Everything in Motion to Build and Grow Your Audience!


We START Monday, January 25th!

No extra out of pocket expenses.

No special skills.

Just bring YOU.


We give you everything you need and walk with you through the entire process.



$97 would be a steal...


But we wanted to make it a complete no brainer.

We are ALL about over delivering.


Sign up now and you'll get:

Ryan's book: Multiple Streams of Income

Jenni's book: Sweet Spot Revenue

and the full 5 days of training to Find Your People & Grow Your Audience!


Just $5


Everything you need to find and grow your audience in a WEEK! PLUS you will walk away with a plan to keep the momentum going!


We are Ryan Reger & Jenni Hunt

We have been working together to help others build and grow their online businesses successfully since 2014... and are THRILLED to share with you a system we use in our own businesses that is SIMPLE and WORKS to find and grow your audience.


The most valuable part of your business is the relationships you have. In fact, we believe business IS relationships -- and we bring that foundation into this 5 Day Training.


The best part is, not only will you learn HOW to do this quickly and on your own. You won't have to go it alone.


We will walk you through every step of the way -- providing training that is actionable and you can work for you immediately.

Ryan Reger & Jenni Hunt