Take Your Kindle Direct Publishing Strategy to the NEXT LEVEL!

How to Find Businesses
Eager to Partner with YOU to
Build their Brand Through
Self-publishing Strategies

You've learned the KDP SKILLS - now put them to work.


From the desk of Jenni Hunt.

Beaverton, Oregon.

Dear Friends,


Imagine taking the skills you have learned with KDP and helping others by creating books they can offer their ready-to-buy customers and clients.


And getting paid for it.

Businesses and influencers of all kinds are eager to hear about the opportunities YOU can provide with the knowledge you have learned about KDP and Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing.


The incredibly low out of pocket costs make the strategies we teach easy to sell... in fact, you really don't have to sell at all! Just provide opportunity - and any good entrepreneur will see the value.


I am thrilled to partner up with Tammie Chrin - a student of the 10 Books in 10 Days class - who is KILLING it with this business to business partnership model.


Join Tammie and I as we walk you through what you need to know to start making your skills work for you and explode your KDP profits.

"I have been having great success with
explaining KDP to B2B partners.
The business owners get very excited to hear
about the low cost, small amount of inventory they can buy,
and the availability of print on demand.
They like having the ability to buy books directly
from Amazon or if they are an online business,
they can have a link directly to their book.
Showing business owners that you can create a
customized book with their logo on the cover and
have the books in hand very quickly at an affordable price."
- Tammie

What You Can Expect​

  • Training Modules - Webinar Video Lessons. Everything you need to know about partnering with businesses with KDP are presented in this training. And of course, we have included homework to keep you moving forward.

  • 24/7 Access to a Private Facebook Community. We have found community is extremely important in the learning process. You will have opportunity to brainstorm, troubleshoot, and we'll be in the group regularly to answer any questions you have along the way.

  • Learn What to Say and What Not to Say. Sometimes navigating these types of business parnterships can be a bit intimidating. We will help you know what to say... and what not to say as you approach business owners. You will be surprised just how easy it is to build a revenue stream from this model.

  • Focused on Successful Partnering. This class assumes you already know the basics of KDP and how to get a simple low content/no content book published. We build on that foundation and the entire class is super-focused on everything you need to build relationships with businesses for a successful partnership.


Look what Wendy had to say about the class...​
"Quick update & a huge Thank you!! My first two business partners are off to a good start. Thanks for all the ideas & suggestions from this group!! It really helped me to think through everything & be prepared for the initial meetings. To anyone who is hesitating to approach a business: Go For it!! They get sooooo exciting & the ideas snowball into more opportunities:)).
Thanks again Jenni Hunt, Tammie Chrin & Rob Chrin!! This wouldn’t be possible without your training & tools!"

- Wendy


  • MODULE #1:

    Module 1 - We dig into the KDP 4 B2B Strategy.

  • MODULE #2:

    MODULE 2 - We focus on creating your sample books, KDP basics and Who to Approach and How to Approach potential business partners for KDP opportunities.

    Includes: ready to upload templates, how to find opportunities in your location, Success Strategy Script to get the convo started with potential partners.

  • MODULE #3:

    Module 3 - We look at Pricing Strategies for partnering. There isn't a "one size fits all solution"... and although we do not claim to be attorneys or tax consultants, we do have a few creative solutions to bringing a win-win option to the table when presenting your offer.

    Includes: KDP Pricing PDF

  • Module #4:

    How to Deliver your books and what kind of follow up you can put in place to get repeat business.

    Includes: Downloadable Congrats cards and downloadable checklist

Take Your KDP Strategy to the Next Level!









    OPTION #2


    What You Get:

    • Access to Private FB Group for KDP4B2B
    • Access to Module 1: KDP4B2B Strategies
    • $1 - Yep! ONE BUCK - No strings attached!
    • Optional Additional Modules for $37 each
    • Access to Module 1 replay

    OPTION #3
    MODULES 1-4


    What You Get:

    • Access to Private FB Group for KDP4B2B
    • Access to ALL 4 MODULES ($148 value)
      • M1 - KDP4B2B Strategies
      • M2 - Approaching Opportunities 
      • M3 - Pricing Strategies
      • M4 - How to Deliver
    • 3 Ready to upload templates for samples
    • Success Strategy Script
    • KDP Pricing PDF
    • Congratulations Cards
    • Checklist
    • Access to webinars/modules
    • $97

      OPTION 3
      Small Group Coaching: TAKE ACTION GROUP


      Very excited to offer a Small Group Coaching TAG (Take Action Group)!

      You can absolutely take the content provided in the module training and grow a thriving business. Nothing is held back in the current training.


      However, we know that sometimes we need a little more hand holding. We need accountability and focused attention to really step into action.


      Join Tammie & Jenni for the first Take Action Group where we will put YOU in the HOT SEAT and move you to ACTION. We are committed to your success and will work with you for 4 intense weeks to get your business off to a good start.


      If you want to GET IT DONE and apply what you are learning - This is for YOU!


      What you get:

      4 Small Group Coaching Sessions for Accountability

      Everything that comes with the Module 1-4 Training





      What people are saying...


      Custom Fitness Log Book

      It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know and work with Tammie Chrin. She has been a difference maker working along side our business in various ways. Most recently she helped us set up a custom fitness log book, which is specific to our gym’s equipment and location. Tammie was fantastic from start to finish! Her communication, ideas, input and know-how made it simple. From our first conversation, to the time the personalized book was available on Amazon... Tammie handled it all with minimal effort and worry from us.

      I highly recommend Tammie to any business considering a custom made, print on demand book to fits it’s needs. Whether it’s for the staff, team, customers or members...everyone needs help staying organized or keeping track. Tammie will ensure that happens and makes it quick, simple and perfect.


      Thank you, Tammie... not only for your help and hard work, but also for being such a bright and pleasant part of our business!


      Jake Krueger
      President- Anytime Fitness

      How KDP 4 B2B has helped my Business:

      "I am so grateful for the KDP 4 B2B training. My initial reason for taking this
      training was to add an additional stream on income to my online business. I have
      far succeeded this goal.
      In the four months since I took the training, I have
      acquired four clients to create customized books for their businesses. All four of
      these businesses will be purchasing their books on-going throughout the year.
      After the initial set-up, they have become on-going passive income for my

      The business owners I have approached were all very excited about the
      to have a customized book created just for them. They were also
      very surprised that this type of service was available, as they had never heard of
      POD customized books. For me, the most rewarding part of this opportunity is
      the joy and excitement I see in my clients when they receive their finished
      customized book(s). In one case, I was able to save the business money by using
      this option, rather than the in-house printing they had been doing in the past.
      Building relationships with business owners and helping to benefit their
      businesses is an amazing experience!


      - Wendy Johnson

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